How to send logs to support

These are the steps to follow when asked to provide NetFlow Optimizer logs for all support requests:

1. Log in to NetFlow Optimizer Web Interface.

2. From the small gear in the top right of the home page select the 'Advanced' option.

3. Click on the 'Server' tab.

NOTE: If you are requested to set the logs to a tracing level other then default, please set the logging level then click 'save'. Once the system as run for a few minutes, then proceed to step 4. You may return the tracing level back to default once you have successfully downloaded the log package. 

4. Click on the 'Download logs' button to download the default logs.

The log files will be compressed and a zip file will be delivered via your web browser.

Attach the ENTIRE log set to your support ticket, if you have not opened one, please click on the Submit a request link above. 

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