How do I use Enhanced Traffic Monitor Module instead of Top Traffic Monitor Module in Splunk?

Most of the dashboards under Bandwidth by Hosts (but not all) rely on syslog with nfc_id=20067.  

Queries in these dashboards begin with macro: `netflow_search_rule_20067`. This macro is:

definition = `netflow_index` nfc_id=20067

Because the fields in syslog 20967 and 20067 have a lot of common fields, you may change the above macro as follows.  

definition = `netflow_index` nfc_id=20967

You can create these entries in macros.conf in your $SPLUNK_ROOT/etc/apps/netflow/local/ directory to override corresponding entries in $SPLUNK_ROOT/etc/apps/netflow/default/. 

There is another place on the dashboards where "20067" is used:

pct_of_total(pct, "20067", TrafficAmount)

You need to change it where applicable to:  

pct_of_total(pct, "20967", TrafficAmount)  

If you want to use "Connections by ..." dashboards - they rely on syslogs with nfc_id=20063, so you need to make the same change in $SPLUNK_ROOT/etc/apps/netflow/local/macros.conf:

definition = `netflow_index` nfc_id=20967

and make the following change in corresponding dashboards:

pct_of_total(pct, "20967", TrafficAmount)

You need to restart Splunk for these changes to take effect.

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    Derek Agar

    What does the enhanced traffic monitor show that is different than the Top Traffic Monitor?

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